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For the past 10 Years, Gunwerks has established its reputation by building and delivering complete shooting systems. From the bipod to the ballistic turret and everything in between, the Gunwerks shooting system comes ready to go. While other manufacturers were letting customers mount their own scopes and test their own loads, Gunwerks was delivering a shooting system capable of shooting accurately to 1000 yards, right out of the box.
Taking the responsibility for a dialed in system is not an easy task. In fact, they spend more time turning a rifle into a shooting system than building the rifle! There motto is "1000 Yards, Out of the Box!"

Gunwerks ClymR Ultralight Long Range Rif


Our industry is fascinated with tiny little mountain rifles. As well as big rifle rigs that ding steel at 1200 yards! The ClymR was conceived as minimalist, mountain-mission ready long range capable platform.
The System
Gunwerks Rifles are designed to be one part of a shooting system. With a complete configuration, you will add a scope, ammunition, a ballistic rangefinder and the finishing services of break-in, accuracy validation, and long range ballistic profiling. A matched ballistic turret for your individual rifle is the final component of a Gunwerks Long Range Shooting System.
The Design
Striking the right balance has always been the engineering dilemma. To achieve the product behavior we envisioned for the ClymR rifle stock, we needed to focus on our performance dimensions. The negative comb reduces muzzle rise and felt recoil. The forend length is optimized for 18-22 inch barrel length.The grip shape is uniquely adaptable for all shooting positions.
The shot
Ultra long range. Ultra lightweight. One mile shot. The ClymR has capability. It is designed to be your ultimate mountain hunting rifle. Five miles into the back country, no problem!

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Gunwerks Magnus Long Range Rifle.png


The Magnus-Gen II Takes on a Whole New Meaning
Long range hunting and shooting has pushed the boundaries of equipment performance. The industry has moved past repurposing production rifles. The consumer is educated and willing to pay for products with special performance. With the second generation Magnus design, we significantly improved from previous models, lighter, stronger and with additional features and adjustability. The ultimate do-all stock for long range hunting and shooting.
The System
Putting a six inch group on the bullseye at 1200 yards is no easy task. Even if the shooter does his part, the equipment has to be perfect. The rifle has to be capable of precision groups. The scope has to be mounted correctly with a system that won’t move. The scope needs to adjust accurately, and the ballistic parameters of bullet BC and muzzle velocity determined by actual long range shooting. A configured Magnus from Gunwerks is ready to go, out of the box.
The Design
In 2006, we developed the first Gunwerks rifle stock - the LR1000. Our first effort at deviating from traditional American hunting stock geometry. The negative comb reduces muzzle lift and felt recoil. In 2013 we chased toe line geometry designed to flatten the recoil impulse and keep the shooter on the target for faster and more accurate follow-through - the original Magnus was born. The new Magnus stock has a grip angle and length perfectly suited to prone and sitting shooting, while the forend width and profile is suitable for bipod or bag support.
The Shot
Long Range Hunting is a never ending cycle of education, practice, and development. There is no limit or boundary, but as we pass 1000 yards, more distance requires exponentially more skill. The equipment is no exception. The Magnus can be set up for the backpack hunt, or in its heaviest configuration, the perfect Sendero rifle or tactical competition platform.

Gunwerks Verdict Right.png


The Verdict-Ultra-Configurable Precision Foundation
We’ve named this new rifle stock after the popular Gunwerks ELR Verdict rifle model. That rifle has served as our platform for heavy Extended Long Range builds — usually 338 Lapua or 300 Norma builds that weigh 14 lbs and up. Big recoil and heavy barrels requires the right platform to support it. With the emergence of the Precision Rifle Competition, we’ve tailored the Verdict stock platform to incorporate the features necessary for competing and winning!
The System
At Gunwerks we build shooting systems. The Verdict is a machine. Heavy. Steady. Ready to make short work of mile-long shots. This kind of distance requires a setup and ballistic calibration that is complete, no short cuts and no compromises. At Gunwerks, shooting system means we do the work for for you to deliver out-of-the-box performance.
The Design
The design features our signature negative comb, and we’ve pulled over the toe line from the new Magnus stock. It’s optimized to provide minimal stock drop when running a rear bag. The grip area is configurable from the all-around dimensions of the Magnus to a straight vertical grip optimized for competitive control. Finally, the flat bottom forend is designed to integrate with an optional Arca-Swiss® compatible accessory rail while sporting a width and profile suitable for barricade and obstacle shooting.
The Shot
Ultra long range. Tactical competition. One mile shot. The Verdict has capability. It’s not designed to be your portable hunting rifle. Five miles into the back country it’s not, but setup overlooking a massive canyon it IS. It is the perfect gun for the shot. Turn off the steel, and wrap the barrel in carbon, and it becomes a tactical competition champ.

Gunwerks Long Range Muzzleloader.png


The Muzzleloader
Our Muzzleloader is a game changer for your hunt, and possibly some hunting regulations.
Realistic one MOA groups at 500 yards are attainable with a system that offers easy loading with sabots, and over 1600 fps of impact velocity using a 325 grain bullet. We found that heavy recoil is the number one issue with other muzzleloaders, so we focused on stock design, weight, balance, and correct muzzle brake design to tame the heavy muzzle loader recoil. Still, as a hunting rifle, an overall weight under eight pounds can be achieved with the right configuration.  
The Muzzle Loader secures primacy in the pursuit of the one shot kill.
The System
The Muzzleloader is the most challenging configuration Gunwerks produces. Accurate shots from a muzzle loader at 500 yards require every component of this long range system to function perfectly. Bore conditioning, load development, and ballistic profiling all require more effort and expertise - on our part. Depending on your requirements, we can set the system up with open sights or a long range scope with a calibrated ballistic turret.
The Design
Creating a muzzle loader that can shoot long range is a challenge, but adding the requirements of easy loading, low recoil, and low maintenance drives the engineers crazy. Engineering is a balancing act of managing trade offs. For example, increasing the BC requires more weight and a faster twist rate, however the sabot can’t handle the stress from a heavier bullet and faster twist. Finding the best balance is the test.
The Hunt
We developed the Muzzle Loader as a tool for chasing the biggest animals during special seasons for “primitive” weapons. We apply for tags in Iowa, Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada every year with hopes of drawing a tag for monster elk and deer. If we apply for the muzzle loader seasons our odds go up dramatically. When we draw the tag, the muzzle loader makes sure we put a trophy on the wall and meat in the freezer.


G7 BR2500 Rangefinder

Press one button and the G7 BR2500 measures range, pressure, temperature, and incline to calculate a drop and wind solution based on your programmed Ballistic Coefficient (G1 or G7), Muzzle Velocity, Sight Height and Zero Range. Use the MOA or MRAD outputs with any scope’s adjustments to dial in the angular solution. In BDC mode, compatible with ballistic reticles and BDC turrets which are calibrated to a fixed temperature and altitude, the BR2 will calculate a corrected solution automatically adjusted for varying conditions - just dial your BDC turret to the displayed Shoot-To-Range. You will never need to swap out your turret again. This is the only ballistic rangefinder on the market capable of providing "Shoot To" outputs compatible with custom BDC And yardage turrets.
The BR2500 Rangefinder carries an on-board ballistic solver for precise real-time drop and wind calculations out to 1400 yards. The BR2500 is accurate to the nearest 0.1 MOA! Using a device that only provides a preconfigured-table lookup solution in 1.0 MOA increments, without wind correction, is not an option for shooting at 1000 yards and beyond.
For tough ranging conditions in rain, snow, or bright sunlight, selectable targeting modes allow you to detect and display the distance for Nearest, Farthest or Strongest targets out to the maximum range of 2500 yards.

Revic PMR 428 Scope.jpg

Revic Rifle scope

Product Overview
Distance adds variables. When you’re shooting at a target that’s more than a mile away, obtaining a targeting solution becomes extremely complex. The best way to ensure a satisfying hit is to simplify the process, and that’s exactly what the PMR 428 does. The PMR is a whole new way of looking at long-range shooting. When you dial the turret, it calculates the bullet trajectory utilizing a full suite of sensors and an advanced ballistic algorithm–and it calculates the solution in real time. Just dial the elevation turret until the display shows the target range. It’s as simple as that!